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A Great Marriage
Made Simple:

“Marriage is not as hard as most people make it out to be.”

Now I'm sure that statement will cause a buzz.  But I've been married for over 30 years and...
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About Rodney and Karen:
Well let's start with the important stuff.

We have both been married to absolutely tremendous people for over 35 years. :)

Without a doubt, Karen is my best friend in life.   But, people who know me closely, know I treat her even better than that.  We'll share some more about that at a later time.

Karen and I have mentored and counseled engaged couples for over 20 years and have coached married couples since 2001.

We help married couples through

We're also parents to two college graduated, happily married sons,
Josh and Zack.   We're extremely proud of the young men they have become.   And oh yeah, first time grandparents!!! Wow!

Karen was a stay at home mom for 18 years and now, besides running, she is co-owner of our business consulting firm for entrepreneurs who want to simply and cost effectively market their products, services and businesses on the internet.

As far as my professional experiences, I retired at age 48 after a nineteen year career with AT&T.  While with AT&T, I worked several years as a corporate trainer and the rest as a data analyst and project manager.

Since retirement, I have been busy building my coaching business, along with an assortment of personal businesses and enjoying time with the family.

I co-founded a personal residential real estate investment company and built it to over a million dollar portfolio within 18 months.

I co-founded Visionary Tennis, an online league scheduling company for adult tennis players of all ability levels.

I was Director of Marketing and promotions for my oldest son's fundraising company, . I love helping the kids.  Very cheap labor. :)

And lastly, I found my passion in the sport of pickleball and with my two son  have built the country's best selling apparel brand, "Pickleball Rocks".  What a ride we are on.

My specialties are business coaching, relationship marketing and marriage mentoring

In 1996 I wrote down a goal.  As a matter of fact, I wrote down several that year.  But, because I look at it daily, one particular goal still vividly stands out in my mind.

THE GOAL: "I will help 100 people learn to live happy, prosperous lives."

Well, over the years, that goal has been revised again and again. 
Today it has become my personal mission.

It now simply says,
"I will continually help people learn to live happy, prosperous lives.

I hope you are one of the them.

If you want to know more about us, we're pretty easy to find.  

We're all over the place.

Help Someone UP Today,

Rodney & Karen